Birthday vlog

Surprise!!! Today I’m Defining Happiness with my fist vlog! Whaaat? Yep. It’s my birthday and I’m trying something new. It’s been on my “to accomplish” list since Joi hosted her first blog challenge, so now I can cross it off.

Not only is it NOT my regular posting day, it was NOT an easy task. The most difficult part for was finding the proper lighting and keeping my eyes from appearing closed -_- . I had to do quite a few takes…I think my voice may actually be an octave lower from talking so much :) .

Once I got the lighting and position down though, it was kinda fun. Check it out. It’s a short 1:22 long clip.

I  encourage you to Define Happiness by visualizing the future you want. Regardless of your current circumstance, envision your dream and write them down.I believe that through Faith and with God’s Grace, He will fulfill your dreams even from seemingly impossible life scenes.

  • Do I look or sound different from what you imagined?
  • Are you where you envisioned you’d be in life?
  • What do you like most/least about vlogging?

DON’T FORGET I’ll be at running Ragnar Keys this weekend. Please send your prayers and positive vibes for our team. This quote sums up what we’re in for.

Ragnar summed up

Last thing. Please forgive me. I’m behind showing comment love on some of my fav blogs…but I read when every tiny chance I get :)

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29 thoughts on “Birthday vlog

  1. Michell

    It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday!! Happy Birthday lady…may God bless you with many more!! Actually, I’m not surprised at all…you have a very lovely speaking voice and a gorgeous smile(it’s all in the teeth girl,lol). But seriously, 40 looks fabulous on you…welcome to the club! 😀 Btw…you’re a pro at this vlogging thing already, considering it’s your first time! You should do it more often! 😉 Enjoy your day Hope! 😉
    Michell recently posted…Mastering YOU Monday…mind over matterMy Profile

  2. Tamara

    Love it!!! Love the music. Love hearing the voice and seeing the face behind the blog. And Happy Birthday! I hope you have a beautiful day, and I am sending prayers and positive vibes to you and your team.
    Tamara recently posted…The Lost Boys & Girls.My Profile

  3. Allie

    I love it!!!! You are beautiful and I love how you’re embracing 40! You sound so much different then I thought but your enthusiastic personality was shining though the whole time. You should really do these more often!!
    GOOD LUCK with Rangar! I cannot wait to hear ALL about it. woot woot!!!!
    Allie recently posted…I Heart Headbands & RunnerboxMy Profile

  4. Rum Punch Drunk

    HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY with many more great years to come Hope. I enjoyed looking at your short vlog and you look very young for 40 with a beautiful smile. Are you sure you didn’t add on 10+ years by mistake? I pray that you had a wonderful day with lots of lovely prezzies from all your family and friends. And all the best with your latest run too :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Hope.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted…Great ExpectationsMy Profile


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