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Everyone Needs a Coach

I strongly believe that everyone needs a coach; someone who instructs, trains and directs you to achieve a specific goal. Coaches can come in many forms such as parents, athletic coaches, financial advisers, health coaches or spiritual leaders.
I can’t deny the enormous benefits I’ve received from having several coaches in my life. As an entrepreneur, our business coach has helped us navigate the ups and downs of business ownership. Our pastor, who is our spiritual coach teaches, encourages and guides us along our faith walk. As a Chiropractic Physician, I coach my patients along their health journey; not only helping them through their pain crisis, but also providing them with the tools they need to express optimal health.

Recently I decided to utilize the services of another coach, but first, here’s why. About 12 years ago I completed my first race; the Disney Marathon (26.2 miles). I literally went from couch to marathon with very little training. To make a long story short, I ran most of the race in excruciating pain.  (Notice the huge “ice pack” bulge on my right knee in the picture below.) The recovery was also long and brutal. After I foolishly signed up for and completed a half marathon (13.1) the next year, I made the decision that I didn’t like running. In fact, I stopped running completely.


Fast forward to 2012, three years after relocating to a new area, I decided to give running another shot. I joined two running clubs as a way to stay active and meet new people. Starting slowly with low mileage seemed to be a better fit for me. I eventually ran my first 5K. Since then, I’ve run a variety of races including 7 half marathons. Although over the years I’ve grown to enjoy running, one prevailing thought remained; I had no desire to ever run a marathon again…even after watching many of my friends train for and run their first marathon.

At the beginning of this year, however, I started thinking about the possibility of attempting the marathon distance again (long story). The thought persisted and I gradually convinced myself to take on the challenge. I registered for the Disney Marathon again…why Disney?… I have something to prove :-).  Plus I hope to replace the negative memories associated with my painful  first race with  more positive ones.


Having had success with coaches in other areas of my life, I knew that if I wanted to also succeed at training and completing a marathon, I needed a coach. I sought the services of Coach Tia from Training In Action. The experience so far has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve been running consistently under her guidance and direction since July. I decided that during this process, I was going to be coach-able. Although I understand the anatomy, bio-mechanics and physiology of the body, I also understood that I needed to rely on her experience and expertise regarding running (and boy! is she an experienced expert having run several marathons and over 100 half marathons!!). I decided beforehand that I was going to follow her recommendations and stick to the plan.

She’s challenged my perspective on what I thought I could or couldn’t do… It turns out, I could do ‘it’ . So far, I’ve met or exceeded most of the goals that she’s set for me and have been injury free throughout the process. In fact, I’ve run my fastest 3 miler, 5 miler and half marathon…ever.  Although I still have about a month before completing this marathon, I’m becoming more excited and confident with each passing week. Having the right coach does that for you. All of a sudden something that once seemed difficult or unattainable, now seems possible and within reach.

Coaches are experts in their field. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge; and more importantly, they desire to help you to succeed. Set your goal and get a coach to help you achieve it.

  • Be coach-able
  • Follow the plan
  • Be flexible and open to change

If you’re already living your dream, become a mentor to someone and coach them through to accomplishing their goal.

In what area have you utilized the services of a coach? What was your experience?

Top 5 DON’Ts When Applying for a New Job.

The foundation of every strong business is having the right team in place. We are constantly accepting job applications whether or not we’re actively hiring.  Often, as the demands of a growing business increase, staff sometimes rise to the occasion or burst at the seam and it becomes necessary to replace or hire additional personnel. Our quest (over the last year or so) to find additional awesome staff members have led me to write this post.

We’ve received several thousand applications…yes, I said thousands. After combing through hundreds of resumes, interviewing way too many candidates, I am gobsmacked by the level of incompetence and clue.less.ness that existed among some of the candidates. There are lots of folks who want to work….let me rephrase that….there are lots of folks who want a paycheck….work optional. It was difficult to only list 5, but I’ve put together my top 5 list of DON’Ts when applying for a new job ( from an employer’s perspective). Keep in mind, these are things I’ve actually encountered repeatedly.


1. DON’T submit  an outdated resume’. If your resume’s objective is to “utilize your skills to be the best big rig truck driver”, please don’t submit it to a job for a medical office assistant. Take the time to update your resume and make it relevant to the job for which you’re applying. Also- graduating from high school 35 years ago with honors…not relevant!

2. DON’T  include your lifetime worth of experiences and education on your resume. Resumes that are too wordy or too long often gets deleted or shredded. We review hundreds of resumes during the hiring process, if the first page fails to capture our attention, chances are page 2 or 3 won’t either. Try to keep it to one page.

3. DON’T begin your cover letter stating “I had seen your ad on ___.” Need I say more? Grammar matters. Next!

5. If you’re fortunate enough to be called in for an interview, during the interview, DON’T berate or tongue-lash your former employer. It doesn’t bode well for you. It immediately casts an unfavorable shadow as to your proclivity for negativity… It’s not a good first impression.

4. If your potential boss says to you “Do you have a felony charge on your background?” DON’T lie about it. Be honest! Chances are, they already have the results of your background check and are giving you the opportunity to come clean.

Here’s a bonus one… 6. If your felony sentencing hearing is 2 months out, DON’T bother applying or interviewing for the job in the first place. True story!

Do relax, smile and be yourself. Having a good work ethic, great personality and teachable attitude often supersedes experience. I could have easily made this my top 30 list fo Do’s and Don’ts. This process is always an eye opener.

I’m curious to know: if you’re a hiring manager, do you have any DON’Ts to add to this list?Also, if you’re looking for a job, do you tailor  your resume to fit the position your applying for or do you send a blanket resume to any available job?