Empty Spaces: Guest Post

Today we have a special guest. I’m so honored that Chris Carter, from The Mom Cafe is sharing her thoughts with us. If you missed the post where I doted about how wonderful a person she is and how inspiring her writings are, you can check it out HERE. Today, she shares her heart. I’ve been blessed by the message and I hope that you will also be encouraged to fill those empty spaces in our lives.

Empty Spaces

In our day-to-day living, there are empty spaces.  Those moments we are stuck at life’s stop sign, and we let our thoughts ramble on inside our minds carelessly, aimlessly.  We can be sitting in the car with a traffic standstill, waiting in line at the school pick up or at the grocery store, to name a few.  In the office or at home, there is so much wasted “empty space.”  I like to call it that because the moments when I can’t “do something”, I become restless and distract myself with thoughts that are not fruitful.  We all go about our days constantly scanning our “to do” list in our minds and wander anxiously onto the “next thing” we need to cross off that list.  We scurry in a hurry through each step of our day.  Stop and go.  Stop and go.  Stop and go…
Many, many moments are wasted on frivolous thoughts. 
Unintentional, yet unproductive.
I am convicted of this truth.

How many times do I wait in the car line pick up and think about my list of things to do or reflect on what I got done that day?

How many times do I huff and puff while standing in the long line at the store frustrated at all the time I am wasting and what I could be doing instead?

How many moments have I spent carelessly thinking about the lady in the weird hat or the adorable little child in the line at the P.O.?

What about those moments before a class starts when we play with our phone and wait to watch our little ones?

Perhaps we ponder our lists and mentally create more, while we are doing dishes, scrubbing the bathroom down or folding the laundry?

Oh the list goes on and on and on…

Empty spaces.

If you would add all those moments up in one day, you would be surprised how much time was wasted.

I have a new purpose for that time.

During this Lenten season, many people choose something to sacrifice in Honor of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us.   It is the hope that this act will bring us closer to our Holy Father and deepen our faith.

What if we sacrifice our empty spaces for Him?

Each moment.  Each wasted moment can be used for precious prayer.  Seek His Presence in those empty spaces.  Draw Him near, my friend.  Transform those careless thoughts and fill yourself with His Grace, His Love, His Purpose.  And all those empty spaces will become full.
Full of what is Worthy and True.

Full of His Deep Abiding Love.

Full of Conviction and Discernment.

Full of Spirit and Deliverance.

Full of Focus and Richness.

Full of Light and Illumination.

Full of Forgiveness and Peace.

For this Lenten Season, I will sacrifice my empty spaces for Him.

I will fill those empty spaces with my heart, my mind, and my soul…

With Prayer.

Would you join me?

Chris is a wife and mother of two children. She has a passion for children and people. She loves connecting with people and enjoys investing her time and energy into deep relationships. Her hope is to touch lives any way she can and shine a little light in their world through her writing. 

To connect with Chris, visit her at The Mom Cafe.

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29 thoughts on “Empty Spaces: Guest Post

  1. Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

    Hello Chris! This is beautifully written and you have chosen a sacrifice we could all identify with. There are always so many thoughts running through my head and I get very impatient at times. It seems that my ongoing to-do list is always getting longer no matter how many things I cut out of my life. I would like to join you and focus on him. I will pray for strength to operate this way because you are so right, it’s a waste of time otherwise.

  2. Chris Carter

    Thanks SO much Joi! I am thrilled that you can identify with this message and I love that you will join me in this worthy sacrifice!! So much time…so many moments…now HIS. :)

  3. Rose

    This is an excellent post. Thank you for inspiring us to fill those empty spaces with the most important thing that matters. The more I spend time with Christ, the more closer I am drawn to Him. I am new at blogging. One thing I would like my blogs to do is to glorify God while leaving a positive impression in the lives of those who read them. Thank you again, Chris, for a lovely blog.

    1. Chris Carter

      Thanks so much Lisa. I really need to make better use of that time…I waste so so much time fretting,planning, reviewing my day or planning the next. Some of it necessary…most of it not. I want to fill it with purpose. :)

  4. Steph

    Oh, truth. Let my mind be set on my Jesus and what he desires my thoughts to be instead of wandering all the unproductive places it can go. Great post!

  5. Eli@coachdaddy

    I think what you’ll find is those empty spaces are going to spill over into the full spaces too, and that’s just going to be awesome. Well written, Chris.

    1. Chris Carter

      Oh I love that perspective Eli!!! I never thought of that… and now that idea just drenches my heart with more momentum to fill those empty spaces!!

  6. Linda Tang

    This is a wonderful challenge…how many moments do I ponder the to-do list or have my thoughts settle on things that really have little value in the big picture? I love the challenge of filling in those empty spaces of our day with thoughts and prayers directed to God…what a beautiful act of worship that I can practice at the stoplight or while even pumping gas. Thank you for helping to direct my thoughts in a more eternal direction instead of an earthly one.

  7. Ilene, The Fierce Diva Guide to Life

    Beautiful, Chris! Just beautiful! I agree that those empty spaces can be filled with thoughts that will bring us closer to who we are meant to be and also to the spirit – and my using them productively, we can have this beautiful opportunity to enhance our lives.

    1. Chris Carter

      Thanks SO much Ilene!!! It’s amazing how much time is wasted on trivial “in the moment” things… if we fill those spaces with meaning-“we can have this beautiful opportunity to enhance our lives.” I love that. :)

  8. ateachablemom.com

    I will join you! This is exactly what I need and want. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration! I can only imagine how my life and the lives of those around me would improve if I take on this practice with you. Well done!

    1. Chris Carter

      Thanks SO much Mary. It’s such a hard challenge to take on, as the world continues to suck me in. BUT I will not stop trying to fill all my empty spaces with Him. SO glad you will join me!!

  9. Mothering From Scratch

    {Melinda} I love this!! I think about this alot … all the time that I’m “waiting” and it does feel like wasted time. You’ve inspired me to commit this time to prayer. I’m excited to see the powerful things God does when we are truly committed to praying continually.

  10. Chris Carter

    Thanks so so much Melinda!! It’s so hard to discipline myself to do this as I tend to obsess so much about things… but clearly, God would rather me stop the needless chatter and seek Him instead. I love that you will join me in “continually praying”. Lets watch how God blesses it together!!

  11. Rum-Punch Drunk

    I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post because many people do actually believe in God, but they never seem to have time to focus on him or pray etc, and this is a great time to reverence the one you supposedly follow.

    Everyone says they don’t have time these days but they always manage to find the time to curse God when something goes wrong or even pray to him like a madman when they are in urgent need of a new car, house, clothes etc….. We need to think about what we do with our time more. Nice Post.

  12. Chris Carter

    Those are such great points! I absolutely agree with you… many people don’t take enough time for God when they busy themselves with other things in this world. We must have intentional faith, and cling to Him at ALL times, in order to grow our faith. Thanks for stopping by!!

  13. Michell Pulliam

    Awesome post Chris!! Definitely the Holy Spirit! You don’t know how many times this happens. Of course, we don’t think about it until we’re lying in bed and ponder over our day and recall the time wasted. I thank Him for His grace and mercies that are new for us EVERY morning! He is definitely a most gracious God who deserves much more than we give Him! Thanks so much my friend for this great reminder! Have a wonderful week Chris!! 😉

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