“Just call me Coach.”

Husband, Father, Brother, Son…with all of the roles my husband play, he recently added one more…COACH.

About two months ago, just two weeks before the start of the basketball season at our local YMCA, my husband agreed to coach the youth team, ages 5/6. My 3 yo son was placed on a team, but there were about 10 kids on the 5/6 year old waiting list (including my daughter) with no one available to coach them.

(I wanted to coach the team myself, but feared that my half marathon long run training would interfere with me attending the games on time. )

Knowing that my hubs had minimal knowledge of the sport, no playing or coaching experience, I wanted to make sure that he would qualify as a couch. I asked the YMCA’s sports director for the coaching requirements prior to asking my husband to commit. Once I was told that no playing or coaching experience necessary, I asked if he would do it. Needless to say, he was very reluctant and not interested. He was worried about disappointing the parents and children because of his lack of knowledge and skills. With a lot of little convincing, and not wanting to let down his daughter and all the other children who wanted to play, he said yes.

pic Raim and dad coach

Coach (father) and daughter headed to the science museum after the game

To get the ball rolling, I did the organizing and communicating. I contacted all the parents, unilaterally named the team…The Trail Blazers, emailed game schedules, rules and solicited the help of parents who have knowledge of the game and was willing to be assistant coaches.

For the first game, I skipped my Saturday long run in order to help and support my husband. Two parents agreed to be assistant coaches. Together with my hubby, they ran drills, taught passing, dribbling and shooting.(I quickly realized that I wasn’t willing to miss any of my kids games for a run. So I reshuffled my training schedule.)

Each week, I’ve seen tremendous improvement in the team. My heart swells with joy as I watch my husband leading a team in a sport that he knew very little about. He encourages everyone and he’s a positive role model. He cheers on the team, giving high fives, making substitutions in the game and showing gratitude to the parents who are supporting the kids. These children really look up to him. He’s developed a wonderful bond with them. With only two more games left, I’d call this a successful first season.

My daughter is so proud that her Daddy is her basketball coach. And my husband…well, he’s ecstatic. Every now and then when I call him, he says “Just call me coach” and I smile. He said he was so glad that he decided to coach and that if he hadn’t done it, he never would have realized the amount of help and support he would have had along the way.

There are times when we choose not to do something because we think we don’t have the skills or tools necessary. Sometimes, by stepping out on faith, you allow things to align so that the necessary help and support can come your way.

  • Have you ever stepped out on faith and things just fell into place?
  • Have you ever coached a sports team or coached a sport you never played?
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25 thoughts on ““Just call me Coach.”

  1. Carla

    This is so fun! I would have been afraid to coach a sport I’m not familiar with (which would be any sport really). I think it’s great that your husband went out there and just did it. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone more but there are still a few things I’ve been reluctant to do.

    What a great way for your husband and daughter to bond.
    Carla recently posted…October Blogging ReportMy Profile

  2. thedoseofreality

    LOVE that he stepped up! Even if it turns out that they don’t have a winning season (as once happened to my dad when he coached my little league team), I will tell you that she will FOREVER remember her daddy doing this for her! :) Good for him!-Ashley

  3. Joy

    I absolutely love it!! I am a huge sports fan as you may know Hope and my heart swells with Joy when us parents do these things for the kids. It means so much to them, more than you’ll ever know. Great job for you and the Hubby. I like to coach my kids’ teams when I can. For me, coaching is never about expertise, but more about encouragement especially in little leagues. Much success to your kids for the end of the season.

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thanks Kenya!. I’m a little too passionate. The first few games I found myself running along the court calling out plays…looking crazy. I’ve settled down though.lol

  4. Alison

    Isn’t it great how hubs’ reluctance turned into joy as he took on the challenge and stepped out in faith? This is so very heart-warming, Hope. Here’s to more seasons of success for the coach!
    Alison recently posted…She sang what?My Profile

  5. Tamara

    I think it’s awesome that he said “yes.” It’s probably one of those life experiences that you’re unsure of, but it leaves lasting good memories for both parent and child.
    And it sounds like he’s really good at it too!
    Tamara recently posted…That’s Just The Way It Is.My Profile

  6. Joi

    I love it! I remember all the pictures on FB and I was like get it hubs! Job well done and way to go to you for encouraging him. I am a die hard bball girl, so I would have wanted to coach myself :) I’m glad that the other parents received him well. Sometimes in the South, it’s the parents that cause the most problems, lol..seriously too competitive!
    Joi recently posted…Guess Who’s Coming To DinnerMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Lol. The parents are all so supportive. Once in a while they lose themselves and get expressive in the game. But that age group prevents competitiveness. When one team scores, both teams get the points.lol

  7. Michell

    Hey Hope! That was so sweet of your husband to do, especially with the workload you guys have!! But what’s most important is that your daughter won’t ever forget it. Unlike MY experience with my dad being my coach…let’s just say thank God I wasn’t scarred! LOL! I was on his championship little league softball team. He put me in the outfield during one of our playoff games. Of COURSE I couldn’t catch a ball even if it was the size of a chair, lol! The ball came my way and I ran out of it’s way. Anywho, he cut me from the team Hope, right then and there…can you believe it…his.own.daughter! Lol! Needless to say, they went on to win the championship. Not that getting rid of me got them there. :-) His team was the reigning champs for about 5 years. I love my dad, but that generation was tough! 😉 We laugh so hard about that story now! My kids think it’s the funniest story ever! So kudos to your husband for stepping up to the plate and doing what needed to be done! 😀 And to answer your question, would I coach a team in a sport I know little about…no way(I’m too chicken)! Lol! :-) Have a good one Hope!
    Michell recently posted…Mastering YOU Monday…why should He stick aroundMy Profile

  8. Michelle

    I love this! Your husband sounds like an awesome coach!! My husband coached our kids in soccer for years…and he’s never played. He took as many clinics and coaching classes as he could as the kids got older so he could keep up with them on skills and the last year he coached our daughter, he actually told the parents that he felt like he couldn’t take the girls any further and that he wanted to hire a paid coach and become the manager. The parents were game, so that’s what they did. It worked out great!
    Michelle recently posted…Bitten by the Cross Country Bug?My Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      That’s such an encouraging story Michelle. And you husband sound like a very wise man, knowing his limitations. Hopefully, my hubby will continue coaching. I’m sure he’ll continue to improve

  9. Nellie

    This is amazing!! Good for Hubby!! you must be so proud.

    I love that you named the team the Trail Blazers! Awesome name.

    I have never coached anything ever–I am usually the spectator yelling and cheering!! I think I’d do better with the stuff you did, the behind the scenes organizing and etc.
    Nellie recently posted…My First TimeMy Profile

  10. Britton

    That is wonderful that your husband is doing a great job! Yaaay to him for stepping up! I bet you all are so proud, especially your daugther. I’ve never had the opportunity to coach a sports team, but if I were, I’m sure I would not take it, based on the same apprehensions your husband had, especially not wanting to dissapoint the parents.
    Britton recently posted…What to Wear…Football Game DayMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thanks Britton. Maybe if the opportunity arises for you to coach your girls, you’ll accept even with your apprehension and have similar success as my hubs…just stepping out :)

  11. KalleyC

    This was a sweet, and great thing your hubby did! I love that he stepped out on faith (with a little encouragement) and is enjoying the fruits of his labor! It’s so very great to hear how your little girl is proud of her daddy!
    KalleyC recently posted…Know ThyselfMy Profile

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