Natural Hair, Don’t Care 3:My No -Routine Hair Routine

Well, its been a year and eight months since my last relaxer and about a year since my big (deal) chop. In case you missed it, please check out part 1 and part 2 of my natural hair series; Self Esteem and Life’s Detour.


Tiny fro (pic1)

Initially, I was willing to try just about any combination of products. It didn’t take long before I realized that I was spending in my estimation, way too much time on my hair. But compared to other “naturalists” it seemed like I wasn’t spending enough time.I would say my natural hair care routine is virtually non existing. I wash and condition my hair about once a week, sometimes two or three times depending on my workout intensity. I generally moisturize, add oil  (like jojoba or tea tree oils) and let it air dry. If I have time, Ill do cornrows in the front and either leave the back out or wear a beanie (Pics #1& 2).

When it was shorter and my new fro was still new to me, I continually looked for fresh ways to style it (Pic.#3). I asked whoever would listen for advice on how they took care of their hair. Everyone that I asked who’s natural hair looked really nice, began to list their hair care regimen. They listed a multitude of conditioners, creams, oils, moisturizers and lotions. They detailed the washing, co-washing, conditioning, moisturizing, stretching, twisting, avoiding heat and the list went on and on.


braids and beanie (pic2)

Eventually, I began to grow leery of the effort it was taking for the up keep of my hair. I heard talks about different hair textures like 4a, 4b etc. I never bothered to find out what texture my hair was. The texture I identify with is soft and kinky. That’s about as technical as I’m willing to get. In an effort to maintain my sanity and not start to resent my kinky curls, I developed my no-routine, hair routine. I began taking care of my hair not very different from how I take care of my body. I keep it clean, hydrated and groomed. Once in a while, on special occasions, I spend a little more time making sure that it’s just right. Other than that, I try to do styles that will last for about a week at a time and when I get tired of styling it, I get braids. I enjoy wearing my natural hair and I don’t plan on relaxing it anytime soon. Everyone is different so I do what works for me.


Twist out

Personally, I’m convinced that natural should extend beyond just hair care (a topic that I’ll address in the 4th and final Natural Hair, Don’t Care series). What we put in our bodies should be more important than what we put or don’t put on our hair.I realize that its important to invest time, energy and resources into something that you care about and want to see grow and flourish. I honestly wish I had the time and patience required to have a more involved hair care routine. I know that the things that I prioritize in my life such as  my relationship with God, the cohesiveness of my marriage,  the health and well being of my children  and the success of my chiropractic practice is cultivated through dedication, consistency and hard work. Similarly, I believe that if my health is a priority and I’m taking care of my inside; my hair will also reflect overall health.

Do you have a hair care routine? Natural or not, I’d love to hear it.

Disclaimer: I’m really not big on posting a bunch of head shots of myself. The purpose of these is simply to show some of the styles I talked about in this post. I hope it doesn’t seem narcissistic:-)

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15 thoughts on “Natural Hair, Don’t Care 3:My No -Routine Hair Routine

  1. Collette Reid

    Three little (beautiful) pics and narcissistic comes to mind??? Poor child, so far from it you are. Now, you and Grace got Mummy’s type of hair, soft and curly, which I think makes going natural a pleasure. Some of us, (me), on the other hand, break combs trying to comb through just the new growth!! My hair care routine is this-relax, wait two weeks, wash and braid- wait 8 weeks and repeat. Story done :)

    1. Hope Reid

      Collette, I actually laughed out loud. Love your hair routine. Maybe you can invent metal combs…that might eliminate the breakage. Thanks for sharing:-)

  2. Renee Scott

    Up until last week, my routine included a visit to my stylist every 2-3 weeks. My hair is relaxed and due to my workout routine, I have to relax the back and sides a little more often to keep up my short style. I normally don’t wash my own hair. Last week I decided to give it a try and it worked out really well. On days that I work out, my short hair dries easily with a little wrapping foam to keep the sides and back looking great!

    1. Hope Reid

      Wow Renee! Your routine is pretty impressive… No wonder your hair is always pristine:-) Prior to going natural, I went to a stylist once every 4-6 weeks for a retouch. Depending on what I had done, some visits would run up to $150. It could get pretty expensive.

      Now that you’ve washed your own hair and it worked out well, do you think you’ll add that to your routine?

  3. Sherelle

    Hope, I love your Natural hair Don’t Care series. I’ve been natural for about two years now, and I’m just finding a routine. I wash about once every other week with Organix Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner followed by a deep conditioner using hair mayonnaise. I style with Beautiful Curl products(leave in conditioner and curl activating cream) on my two strand twists. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    1. Hope Reid

      Thank you Sherelle! Your routine sounds pretty straight forward and simple. Simplicity is good. Is the Organix shampoo the one with protein egg whites? I heard it’s a pretty good product. I’m so glad you stopped by. I forgot to subscribe and I couldn’t remember your blog site…headed over there now. Thanks for sharing

  4. Janille

    You are tempting me Hope. I may just grow mine out again. Getting a little bored with short hair. Plus i have decided to lay off the texturizer for a while and go back to truly natural. Not sure how much patience i have for my short cut without a texturizer, so may just have to grow it out. Kinda missing my days of long natural twists. We’ll see. Guess i’ll have to relearn my maintenance routine. It used to read a lot like yours.

    1. Hope Reid

      Janille. Your hair seems to grow pretty fast so you may not have to deal with short hair without texturizer for too long. I hope I can tempt I’m curious to see what you would look like with long hair. You can do it Girl! Thanks for leaving a commment.

  5. The Roving Retorter

    You look great in all of these pics! I’ve kept my hair short and natural my whole life. Growing up, my dad was my barber. As an adult, I’m my own barber! It’s just me, a pair of scissors, my plastic afro pick, and my bathroom mirror whenever I feel I’m due for a trim. The only product I use is shampoo (the cheaper the better, as far as I’m concerned; big bottles of Suave and VO5 are often on sale for 79 cents at my neighborhood Rite Aid). Do you know how much money this has saved me?

    I just subscribed to your feedburner so I never miss one of your posts!

    1. Hope Reid

      Thank you for the compliment. LOL! Thanks for your candor. Being a girl that used to go to the salon alot, I imagne that you’ve saved thousands over your lifetime… Thanks for sharing and subscribing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. Jodi-Ann Edwards

    I am so happy that you have continued on your natural hair journey. It can be arduous sometimes, but once you find the best products and routine for you, then it will be a lot easier. As your hair gets longer, you’ll gain more versatility in styles. Your hair and you look beautiful, so why not put a bunch of head shots! lol (you know I love doing that haha!).

    1. Hope Reid

      Lol. Thank you Jodi. You are very photogenic:-) I am definitely look forward to more length..if I could only get it in a ponytail, it might just stay that way. Thanks for commenting!

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