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Genuine Article

When it comes to fashion, I think I’m about as bland as they come. My favorite colors for my outfits are the very basic black, navy, brown and grey. Every now and then, however, I like to accessorize by adding an element of color mainly through scarves, purses, shoes or a flower in my hair.

A few months ago, I bought a purse from a local boutique for $30. The store had a lot of very unique items, including a lot of what I’ll call faux signature purses for around $60 bucks. I’m not big on signature purses so I looked for a cute and pretty “no name” brand. That’s when I saw a beautiful blue purse.
Several days later, I was to carrying  my blue purse which happens to be my favorite color. A lady stopped me and said “Oh I love that purse, I have the exact same one. Jimmy Choo, right?” I looked at her with confusion and said “Jimmy Who?” She said “That’s not a Jimmy Choo purse?” I said ” I paid $30 for it. It must be a Jimmy Choo Choo Train.” I was almost as disappointed as she was, but I was more embarrassed than anything else. I was unknowingly sporting my counterfeit purse, but to others the facade that of a genuine article.

Often times we can tell when something is genuine or counterfeit based on the value that’s placed and the name that’s stamped on it.  We are extremely valuable to God and are stamped with His name. We were created in His image and was created to reflect His mind, His love and His holiness: not to display a fabricated version of what the enemy say you are. Are you displaying a counterfeit facade or are you demonstrating your authentic self: Being who you were created to be?  How are you displaying your genuine article?