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Natural Hair Blow Out: Disappointing Reality

Well its been a while since I’ve written about my natural hair journey. If you’ve missed  any of my previous posts, please feel fry to check them out here:    Self EsteemLife’s DetourMy no routine Hair Routine and Going Natural Should Not Be Limited To Your Hair

I’ve heard several advice for or against using heat on your natural hair.

Normally after washing my hair, I moisturize and let it air dry…essentially a wash and go. Saturday, I had a stroke of inspiration and I decided to blow dry or “blow out” my hair. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited YouTube or researched products best to use on my hair when applying heat, so I decided to experiment on my own. After washing my hair, I applied a basic moisturizer, coconut oil and Shea butter cream. I began to blow dry. I blew and blew and dried and dried. I pulled and separated and detangled and blew some more. After over an hour of blow drying my hair, I’d had it! I wanted to flush the dryer down the toilet, but fortunately for me, my hair was finally dry so I opted against flushing the blow dryer.
That same morning I ran 12 miles for a half marathon training. I must say that my run was far more pleasurable than blowing out my hair. When I was finished. I was sweating like a roasting pig (which, by the way, I’ve never experienced, but heard that’s the only time a pig sweats). My right shoulder was so sore from all the over-head tugging it felt as thought I just finished a work out session at the gym.  I said to my husband, “If I ever tell you that I’m going to blow out my hair, please tell me to go to a salon”.
Despite the “torture” of the actual blow drying process, I really liked the finished product. My hair was very soft and I realized how much it had actually grown. I enjoyed patting it. Both of my children and my husband took turns patting it also. In this picture (left), the puff is about an inch and a half smaller due to all the patting. I was so proud of the shape that I was hesitant to lay down in fear of distorting my puff.

I was super excited to rock my poofy puff to church the next day. I combed out my hair, added a headband and a flower. I even got a few compliments. How cool. After church I headed to the grocery store. On the way back to the car, a sudden, mysterious, torrential down pour of rain began falling. The sky was still blue. The sun was shining and the huge, cold, unexpected raindrops felt like daggers of ice as it hit my skin. I ran with my shopping cart through the parking lot, as the rain soaked my shopping bags and items. In the midst of  the chaos, the predominate thought in my head was “Oh my hair!”. My hour and a half, pain inducing, sweat producing, blow out was soaked. All of my hard work was null and void. My kinks and coils were back; Which, by the way, I love…I was just disappointed that with all that effort, my puff didn’t last longer than 24 hours.

Since going natural almost 2 years ago, this was my very first time applying any type of heat to my hair. I’ve secretly fantasized about doing a blow out after seeing a few people’s hair with big beautiful puffs. I never bothered to inquire or research how they achieved the look. How difficult can blow drying your hair be? After all, when my hair was relaxed, I blow dried it a million times with ease. Well, this experience for me is one for the books. If I ever choose to achieve this look again, I will definitely let the professionals do it.
Maybe there is a better way, a better process to achieve the look. If there are any natulalista’s out there I’d love to get the scoop.

My lesson learned: The grass is not always greener. Some fantasies are best left as fantasies.  
  • Have you ever fantasized about something that became a disappointing reality?
  • Was the effort worth the outcome? I’d love to hear your story.