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Going Natural Should Not Be Limited To Your Hair

This is the forth and final part of my Natural Hair, Don’t Care Series. In case you missed them, please check out Part 1:Self Esteem, Part 2: Life’s Detour and Part 3: My No Routine Hair Routine here.

Nowadays, when we hear people say that they’re “going natural”, we often think in terms of growing natural hair without the use of chemicals. The term natural actually means closest to nature. As a society, we tend to categorize and compartmentalize different aspects of what we feel being natural is. When we refer to recycling or utilizing natural resources, such as solar and wind energy, we call it going green. When we refer to things that we eat, we call it eating organic. There are growing segments of the population that embrace one or more aspect of being natural, but very seldom do we find individuals who combine these and other practices into one holistic and natural lifestyle.

I’ll admit that I’m not as natural, green or organic as I’d like to be. The meat of choice in our home is fish but I seldom buy organic fish. The milk of choice is almond and pretty much the only things that get recycled are plastic containers and grocery bags. We did change our light bulbs from fluorescent to halogen…I guess that would count as going green.
My point is that “going natural” should be about having an overall consciousness of our health and well being and not just what we put in our hair. If I’m going to avoid putting harsh chemicals in my hair, why not also try to avoid eating foods with harsh chemicals in the form of artificial ingredients and preservatives?
I consider myself to be pretty health conscious. I understand the importance of have a proper functioning nervous system and immune system. I exercise on a regular basis, eat fairly healthy and place a lot of emphasis on my spiritual connection and relationship with God. All of these to me are components of being close to nature. Prior to going on my natural hair journey, I mostly read food ingredients. Now I read ingredients on most products that I put in my hair, on my skin and products that I clean with.

Hair journey? Eating organic? Going green? What ways have you gone natural?