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Lazy and Loving it. Oh, and Happy New Year!

What was supposed to be a few weeks blogging break turned into almost a year off…10 months,10 days to be exact. I can’t believe this is the last day of 2014… better late than never…

Although this year turned out to be a whirlwind of activities and demands, I’m grateful for the journey and the lessons that I’ve learned along the way, and there have been many. But I’m especially grateful for the few days during the last week that I was able to slow down, relax and enjoy precious moments with my family and myself. (Ok so that last part didn’t sound right but I enjoy my own company, alone time.)

The entire year has been filled with tight schedules, rigorous routines and a stringent structure. So having a few lazy days were extremely gratifying; and boy did I take full advantage of being lazy. I lounged around, spent moments baking cookies, lounged with the kids and hubby while watching Christmas movies and lounged while watching them at the park. Did I mention just lounging?

sleepy-tiger resize

I had a chance to read a few blogs and even write this post. I’m reminded how much I miss occupying this space in blog land. I definitely plan on visiting much more frequently in 2015.

I’m also using this opportunity to wish everyone a Blessed and Prosperous New Year. With the office closed for the weekend, I plan on enjoying a few more lounging, lazy days as I ring in the new year.

May God bless you exceedingly, abundantly above all you may ask or think…__——–_——Ephesians 3:20


  • Did you have any lazy days over the holidays? How did you spend it?


New Year, New goals.

Every new year many of us are inspired to make resolutions and set new goals. I stopped making “New Years Resolutions” several years ago, but each year I’m inspired to set new goals and work on plans to achieve them. This year I’ve decided to set 12 clear and distinct goals…one for each month. Having a goal for each month will help me remain focused on my specific plans to achieve each goal…although there are some goals that may require several months to accomplish and/or maintain. Not only have I made personal goals, we’ve set a few goals that involves the entire family. In this post, I’ve decided to share some of my personal and family goals as they relate to health and fitness.

JanuaryWeight Loss. Although I’m within my “healthy weight range” for my height, I can stand to lose some weight…20 lbs will put me at the lower range. I haven’t done much or focused my efforts to lose weight. But last year with the help of Joi and her weight loss challenge, I lost 10 lbs. in 90 days (with minimal to no effort). I didn’t follow the plan (for good reasons) so I didn’t even realize that I had lost 10 lbs in the 90-day time frame until I received an email. So I imagine if I put some real effort in, I can lose 10 more in 30 days… by January 31. So far, I’m down 2 3.5  :)

FebruaryRagnar. If you’ve been following this blog, you might be aware that I’m a part of a 12 member Ragnar team  “Heart and Sole” who will be running relay style from Miami to Key West. Yep. That’s about 200 miles. My goal is to “kick butt” and run my best and fastest while staying within the required 11 min/mile. I’m scheduled to run on a gravel road, canal path, run in the heat of the day (1pm-ish) and in the early morning (4am-ish). Our T-shirt was designed by one of our super talented team mates.

BGR Ragnar KEYs

And oh yeah, I’ll be celebrate turning the big 40 all month-long :)

MarchGluten Free. My family decided to go on a 3 month gluten-free diet beginning January 1st. March will conclude our 3 month goal so that we can evaluate the effects of a gluten-free diet on our overall health. It hasn’t been that easy because wheat is found in so many things, but we’re on track. Personally, I think it’s contributing to my weight loss so far.

AprilFamily 5K. We’ve decided to participate in more out-door activities as a family. Which means spending more time at the park, riding our bikes, playing sports and running together. Over the next several months, we’ll be working on building up endurance so that our soon to be 4 and 7-year-old children can participate in a 5K race along with me and my husband. Last year the kids got a taste of racing when they participated in the Gasparilla  Junior Classic kids fun race. They’ve been asking to run with me, so they’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that. I’m super stoked about this one.



May – November is chucked full of those small, bite-sized goals with multiple check points along the way to make sure I’m on track to reaching them. Most of these goals are personal goals relating to spiritual, marital, business and financial matters. Maybe in the future I’ll share some as they are accomplished.

DecemberRun a marathon (26.2 miles). Wait! Before you get excited for me, this is NOT my goal. Been there. Done that. One and done! But I have to include this because my beloved husband has decided to run his first marathon. Whoot Whoot! It’s been a goal of his since I completed my first marathon 10 years ago. He supported me and saw the time and effort that I put in and said he wanted to do one too. I think after seeing how much pain I was in afterwards, he backed off.lol. But after I completed the Space Coast Half Marathon in December and bragged about what an awesome course and experience it was, he decided that he’d train to run the Space Coast Full Marathon in December.

These are some my/our health and fitness goals for this year. I made several small goals, wrote them down, developed a plan to accomplish each, have checkpoints along the way and once they’ve been accomplished I’ll either maintain or set new goals.

  • Do you make and keep resolutions?
  • What are your health and fitness goals?
  • Do you have a plan to accomplish them?


Happy New Year 2013

Several years ago I resolved to stop making new years resolutions. Instead of resolutions, I’ll continue setting goals and trying to achieve as many of them as possible. Events of 2012 have left indelible marks in my life. It is with great expectation and excitement that I embrace 2013. I look forward to seeing what God will unveil for me and my family.

Happy New Year to you and yours. May your life be filled with Health, Humor and HOPE.

Do you have resolutions for the New Year? I’d love to hear them.