The Strength of My Sisters

I enjoy blogging about my family. I’ve written numerous posts about my husband and our beautiful children. I’ve dedicated entire posts to my parents, especially my mom. I’ve mentioned in other posts that I’m the youngest of 7 children. I have two brothers and 4 sisters. This post is dedicated to my sisters.

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(L-R) Collette, Grace, Rose, Hope and Carol

We come from a family of strong women. My mom was the quintessential example of strength…especially Godly strength. I don’t know if given the life that she had, I would have done as great a job as she did. There aren’t many occasions where me and all of my sisters have been able to get together. In fact, the last 3 occasions that we were all together were at each of our parents funerals and most recently, the funeral of a family friend.

GRACE is the oldest. She’s the mother of 4 adult boys. As the oldest, Grace had a front row seat of the “performance” that was our childhood. She often reminds me that she helped to change many of my poopy diapers when I was a baby and also “hand washed” some of these “alleged” soiled cloth diapers. When Grace and I get a chance to talk on the phone, the conversations can easily last over an hour. She has so many stories to tell and I enjoy hearing them all. Many of them give me a new perspective on events relating to our childhood. She has the life experiences to offer sound advice. A few years ago, she was involved in a horrific roll-over car accident while driving on the highway. God spared her life. As she hung upside down, she was able to unlatch her seat belt and climb out of the car window. This reminds me of one of the strength she possesses. While all of my sisters share this strength, today I celebrate Grace’s strength of RESILIENCE.

COLLETTE is the 2nd oldest sister. She also has 4 children. She served in the armed forces and shared her story of a scary encounter while deployed to the middle east. Collette is a giver. She gives of her time, energy and resources; whether it’s opening up her home when needed or assisting financially when she’s able to. I believe that her propensity to give lies in the fact that deep down she cares about people. It’s no surprise that her life long desire was to become a nurse. Today, as a RN, she cares for the elderly. She also helped to care for our dying parents. While all of my sisters share this strength, today I celebrate Collette’s strength of CARING.

CAROL, the 3rd oldest, shared how she lost over 130 pounds. She’s our Christmas Carol born on Christmas eve. She has 2 teenage children. Carol has a very vibrant and outgoing personality. She will talk to anyone and have them laughing after a few minutes. She’s had her share of life’s struggles, but when she tells you about it, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her comedic timing is impeccable. I believe that she has a God-given ability to talk her way into and out of any situation. Carol is an entrepreneur and gifted in sales. She is a woman with many strengths, but today I celebrate her strength of CHARISMA. (Notice I didn’t say that all my sisters shared this strength :) ).

ROSE is the second youngest girl. She has two beautiful daughters. She likes to stress the fact that I’m her “baby” sister particularly since I’m a full 8 inches taller than she is :). She also served in the armed forces. Rose is, in my opinion, very transparent. You seldom have to guess what she’s feeling because more than likely, she’ll let you know. Sometimes through her transparency, you can get a glimpse of her heart and you see that her faith in God is deep-rooted. Like all of us, she has had her ups and down. But when you speak to her, whether she’s up or down, the conversations are mainly about her expectations from God. The two phrases I hear her say quite frequently are; “It’s up to God”, and “If God wants me to have it, I’ll get it”. To read more about Rose, you can check out her blog. While ALL of my sisters share this strength, today I celebrate Rose’s strength of FAITH.

These are the strength of my sisters from my perspective. Do you know your sister’s strength? What are your strengths?


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47 thoughts on “The Strength of My Sisters

  1. Joy

    This blog makes me smile. It must be awesome to come from one of five girls. So much to learn from and appreciate the sisterhood. God placed the perfect combination of women. Thanks for sharing a bit about each of them.
    My sister competes in National Fitness/Bodybuilding competitions. She has the dedication and willpower to stay on track with a grueling schedule of diets and workouts. Her commitment to her passion speaks volumes. For that, I admire her Dedication for the sport she loves.

  2. Tamara

    I have two brothers and two sisters. I smiled reading this. Both of my sisters are a road trip away, which is better than a plane trip but still far when I think about all we have been through together.
    Tamara recently posted…The Reluctant Graduate.My Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thanks Tamara. I prefer road trips to plane trips…except when the road trip is more than 5 hours. I’m about a 4 hour drive from my sisters and I don’t see them nearly enough. I hope you and your sister’s can get together soon.

  3. Rum Punch Drunk

    What a lovely post you have dedicated to each of your sisters. They are all very different and unique in their own way and I’m sure you’ve learned so much from each of them over the years. 2 sisters served in the armed forces? I’m glad you are all close and get on well, as I wouldn’t want to mess around with them, if you know what I mean.
    I know you can’t all get together often, but maybe you should all make a massive effort to at least meet up, even it’s once a year somewhere central. I say this because when you mentioned the ‘funeral of a friend’, it reminded me of how short life is and although we make an effort to attend a funeral of someone who has sadly passed, how much more precious are those who are still here. Hope you don’t mind me saying this. Not long ago I was saying goodbye to my family member who died. I wish I had seen them when I had the chance to, but it was too late.

    A very touching post Hope.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted…The Smiling AssassinMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thank you so much. haha 2 sisters and one of my brother served in the military.

      Funny thing is, we’ve talked about doing a sister’s get together, a cruise of something and it never happened. You are so right. We modify our schedules for death, but seldom make an effort to spend quality time and create memories while we are alive. It will change.

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Not taking an opportunity to see someone when we can can lead to regrets. I pray that the next funeral we meet up at isn’t one of ours.

  4. Leah Davidson

    I am always so insanely jealous of people who have a big gang of sisters! I have one sister, but our relationship is very different than most as she has multiple challenges related to her cerebral palsy. I love her to bits, but it’s a different experience. So happy for you to have such a great family:)
    Leah Davidson recently posted…Monthly snaps of lifeMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thanks Leah. When I was younger, I was jealous of the people who didn’t have to share everything with their sisters. lol

      I can only imagine how different your relationship and interactions with your sister might be, but I’m guessing that it’s still pretty special

  5. Michell

    Awww…how sweet Hope! The one thing I love most about blogging, is how we get to know our fellow bloggers AND their families and get glimpses of their lives. It’s amazing that you all have the same BEAUTIFUL smile!! Since my mother’s death, my sisters and I have become closer…as if that was possible, lol! My older sister(by five years) Delveta, would definitely be the “peacekeeper”. She was more like my mom than any of us. My younger sister(by seven years) Tiffanie, on the other hand, would definitely be the “defender”, lol. Let’s just say she’s more like my dad…haha! Both of them, however have such big hearts and will give you the shirts off their backs! I absolutely LOVE those chicas! Thanks Hope for sharing your lovely sisters with us…have a blessed rest of your week! :-)
    Michell recently posted…Dear mom…My Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thanks Michell. Your ages are pretty spread out. My mom had 7 within 10 years. lol.
      Your sisters sound like lovely ladies. I’m the peacekeeper in my family too (like my mom was). So if your older sister is like mom and your younger sister is like dad, who are you like?…Maybe a combination of the two…Thank YOU for also sharing your family

  6. Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

    Ahhh, so much to say, but I’m on my iPad so let’s see…

    Grace – what a testimony!
    Collete – well we are blessed to have her on our team in healthcare.
    I have no words for people like Carol! It’s a gift and love being captured under the spell of those kind of people.
    Rose confused me..either you’re way taller than I thought or lil mama was a beast in the military..which one?

    You know I adored this post. It’s most appropriate with yesterday being sister day and course I learned about your family. Thank you for sharing my friend!

    I am the calm leader, whenever we’ve had anything scary, drastic or whatnot to happen, I turn emotionally deficient and start bossing people around…medics, doctors, my parents, my sister…it’s’s like my emotions go out the window until all is well. This is something I’ve learned about myself as an adult with a few health scares from aging parents.

    The young one is SUPER CARING!!!!

    iPad, lol…I’m pecking away. Remind you of anyone, lol :) Love ya Hope!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…A Few Basketball Life Lessons from A BloggerMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      This is my 3rd time reading this comment and I laughed each time…especially at your last sentence. (finally getting a chance to respond).
      If it helps…Rose is 5’2 and I’m 5’10…I guess that would make her a beast in the military. I’m not thaaat

      Joi, I promise. We are more alike than you know. I can totally identify with being a calm leader also, but in emergencies, I immediately jump into action and take charge. I’ve always wondered how I’d respond in situations like that…and I’ve had multiple opportunities to find out.

      Girl. I see you’ve got Well I’m glad you got an opportunity to get your peck on…love ya too…so I’ll 4give you 😉

  7. Rose

    We can’t forget about the youngest sister, Hope. A trailblazer, pace setter, and obstacle breaker. Although the youngest, my baby sister, Hope, did not take the expected route in achieving her goals. She went beyond all of our expectations and achieved so much more as if to say, “Look! This is possible. This can be done, too.” There are so many accomplishments that I can reference, but her achievement of her Doctorate degree, partnering with her husband in ownership of their own practice, and her love for running marathons are just a few indicator of her tenacity. While all of my sisters share this strength, today I celebrate Hope’s strength of Tenacity.

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Rose, you can be so sweet sometimes…because you didn’t have to comment, but I’m glad you did. Lots of my drive and determination come from you guys. So thank you..little…big (older) sis :)

  8. Alison

    Hope, this is lovely! I feel like I’ve sat down with each sister and really got to know them individually. And you all really do look alike! i love Rose’s tribute to you, just above this comment. What a blessing!

    I always wished that I had a sister! It’s just me and my baby brother, who is six years younger than me. So my friends and cousins have become my sisters. One of my cousins paid me the greatest compliment when she said that when we were growing up, I was their “littlest sister”!

    Great post, very heartwarming. You are blessed to be part of a rich heritage of strong women, Hope!
    Alison recently posted…BlessingsMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thank you Alison. Rose’s comment was an unexpected but appreciated surprise.
      Sometimes friends and extended families can make the best sisters. That was a wonderful compliment from your cousin.

  9. Chris Carter

    Oh what an amazing post and WOW what an amazing PACK O’ WOMEN you are in, Hope!!! Such a beautiful picture and such a wonderful tribute to each precious sibling. I have three sisters… just had them all in town. Sisterhood is powerful. I love that you honor each and every one of them…
    Chris Carter recently posted…FaithfulnessMy Profile

  10. Bitton

    I’m like Nellie, an only child and reading this post really did make my heart smile! I couldn’t imagine having 4 sisters, but you ladies really seem to have a bond and I can tell your love for each of them through your words! I hope my daughters grow up to be that close as sisters!
    Bitton recently posted…August Fave Friday WINNER!My Profile

  11. Kita

    Love when you have some strong women/sisters in your family to lean on and go to. I don’t have any sisters and as I get older I wish I did its hard being an only child. Loved learning about them on here.
    Kita recently posted…Gathered DreamzMy Profile

  12. Alexa

    Hope, I smiled the whole time while I was reading this post. Your sisters are beautiful and amazing women! I am the 3rd of 4 girls, so I completely understand how our sisters, all different and unique, offer such an amazing support system. I love the way you celebrated each of their unique differences and their strengths in this post!
    Alexa recently posted…A Place I BelongMy Profile

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  14. Anne

    This was a heartwarming read, Hope. I too have sisters and despite our differences when we were younger, age and maturity have mellowed us down. Now, we enjoy each other’s company and are a sure shield for any conflicts that we encounter in life. I always consider my sisters a wonderful blessing and reading your post today just magnified the truth that sisters are really our best friends for life.
    Anne recently posted…The Magic of BatanesMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thank you Anne. Age and maturity can make a world of difference. It also helped in our relationships as well. I talk to one or more of my sisters everyday. It’s indeed a blessing. I love how you consider your sister’s a sure shield from any conflict in life. That is a profound statement. It’s so awesome.

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