Throwback Thursday: They grow so fast

Happy Thursday! This month has been a whirl wind so far. Rarely do I make plans and a whole new set of plans crop up everyday. This had been one of those months. Instead of stressing about it, I’ve decided to just go with the flow and (try to) maintain an attitude of gratitude. In all of the unexpected details that have surfaced, I remember the many blessings that God has given me.

After a long and exhausting day, way past my bedtime, I grabbed my laptop and while looking for a document, came across the following video. It made me smile and tear up at the same time. This little misses, age 3 in the video will be 7 next week. Oh how I the time has flown. I don’t even remember what I was looking for. All of a sudden, it wasn’t so important…and I was reminded how quickly our children grow up.

For Throwback Thursday, I’m throwing back a few short years to share my baby girl’s favorite Barney song.

  • When was the last time you smiled and cried at the same time?
  • Have you had subtle reminders of the importance of family?
  • Do you miss the early years of your children (if you have) or do you prefer the adult child stage?


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22 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: They grow so fast

  1. Kim

    Oh, smiling and crying together? Yep those kids can definitely cause that!!!
    My “baby” will be a teenager in about a month and a half – sometimes I miss those early days but mostly I just love the age they are now!!!
    Your little one is super cute!!
    Kim recently posted…A Happy HeartMy Profile

  2. Rum Punch Drunk

    What a lovely little lady and I just love the American accent. Looks like you’ve got a singer down there.

    There have been some very stressful times when my emotions have got confused and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because the situation was so bad. Now, I’m not one for crying but I have seen some films that has made me smile but a little tear dropped from my eye balls :) And I always get my heart-string tugged at when I watch those reality shows such as Undercover Boss, when the boss works in his own business secretly and at the end of end, they usually give a number of hard workers gifts of money, a car, a fund for their children’s schooling etc etc. When you see the person’s reaction, you’ll know what I mean. The same with Secret Millionaire.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted…Great ExpectationsMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thanks RPD. I lol’d at you loving the American accent because I just love the British accent…

      I LOVE Undercover Boss…especially the reactions to the boss’s generosity..I’ve never seen Secret Millionaire though. I’m gonna Google it

  3. Tamara

    SO cute. I think I smiled and cried at Disney World when Scarlet met the princesses. She was so floored!
    And I only have young ones right now so I can’t really compare, but I love the speed of life with little ones. So hectic and on the go all day, but then light and easy at night.
    It just
    Tamara recently posted…Wait, What? Is This a Dream?My Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Oh yes! Seeing your child’s reaction can bring tears of joy. The speed of life is so remarkable when they’re young. They grow and change right before your eyes. Sometimes I want it to slow down…

  4. The Dose of Reality

    The cuteness in that video is overwhelming. ADORABLE!!
    I can’t say which stage I love the most. I do miss the toddler kisses and the cute little thing like that adorable singing…but by the same token, my older kids are just so fun to talk to and be with, too! They make me laugh and smile every day. I enjoy them just as much, it’s a totally different way—but not a lesser one. In many ways it’s even more fun..but littles are just so cute, too. I can’t pick. I pick both!! –Lisa

  5. Kita

    So cute. I missed the early parts of my kids because I didn’t have any pictures of them didn’t take my camera everywhere. Now I have a camera everywhere I go. I love when they are self sufficient the excitement of the littlest of things are so nice to see.
    Kita recently posted…AncestryMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      oh no! well it’s great that now you can now take pictures and capture memories in time. I enjoy the self sufficiency of my kids too… It’s a beautiful thing.

  6. Kenya G. Johnson

    Oh I think that’s please shine don’t on me is going on in my head for the rest of the day. That was TOO cute! I love looking at Christopher’s old videos. Even though he is only 9 I am loving his older ages so much more. The most recent subtle reminder or the importance of family – the other day we were talking about what to watch for the next movie night. Christopher said something along the lines that I never really see the movie because I am looking at my phone. I had to say, “Wow” to myself. More and more I am trying to be away from social media or things that take my attention away while he is here. It’s hard to have a minute to myself but I don’t want him to remember me in his childhood as “always on my phone”.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…If you’re happy & you know it – do a dance!My Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      WOW! It’s amazing how brutally honest kids can be when it’s something that’s important to them. I would imagine that you don’t ALWAYS look at your phone on movie night, but he wants you 100% there, 100% of the time. Realistically, it’s difficult to do sometimes.

      Either way, as parents we want our kids to have the best childhood memories. And it seems like you’re doing a great job at it.

  7. Carla

    Awe! It’s so emotional when we stumble upon those things. I very much miss my children being little but at least I have grandkids now and that’s a fun experience.

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      YES! I agree. It might as well be a requirement because moms smile and cry so often. Your next child might be a girl…You’ll have a diva, fashion, do it all, work out queen girl on your hands…just like her mama :)

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