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We are on day 3 of The Rx Fitness Lady Mini Blog Challenge. Be sure to check out day 1 and day 2. Today’s prompt is: My passion or a Virtual Vision Board. I decided to do both, I guess. I’ve never done a vision board before, but as I thought about my life’s vision, I realized that, while I’ve never put it in a picture or collage, my vision for my life drives and influence the actions I take on a daily basis. My vision is my passion.


  1. God wants me to use my story for His glory. My vision is that what ever I do in this life, I want God to get the glory out of it. It’s no secret that I consider my profession to be my ministry. My patients know that I don’t take credit when they get better because ALL healing comes from God and I’m humbled that He uses me as a vessel for that healing.
  2. My vision is to leave a legacy of greatness. I want my children to be blessed more than I’ve been blessed. I want them to appreciate hard work and see that it’s rewarded by success. I want them to have a rich spiritual heritage and abiding faith in God. I want my family, community patients and friends to be positively impacted by the life I’ve lived.
  3. I want to continue to be a leader in the community without fear or apprehension that I may be one of only 2 women and the only African-American in the presence of the status quo.
  4. My vision is to enjoy financial freedom and stability. Paying off all my student debt is first on the agenda.
  5. I plan on purchasing building where I currently run my business.
  6. I own the key to success. It ‘s just a matter of opening the right doors and walking in. I am successful at what ever I put my hands to and I intend to act accordingly
  7. My vision is to be a fit, fast and fabulous runner.  I plan on starting a running club for my patients and community, providing workshops and running clinics that culminates into an annual turkey trot.
  8. I’ll continue to work with my husband to raise (by the grace of God) smart, polite and God-fearing children. We’ll strengthen our family bonds and cherish and enjoy our quality time together.
  9. As long as I’m alive and able, my vision is to use my hands in whatever capacity to bless others. Scripture says “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in the grave to which you are going.” ~Ecclesiates 9:10
  10. While going to the church building is important, I must always be reminded that the “church” is not limited to the steeples..but it is the people.  “Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself” ~1 Cor. 6:19

My passion is all wrapped up in my vision. What is your passion? Have you written your vision? Do you have a vision board?PFL-Mimi-Blog-Challenge

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21 thoughts on “Write the Vision

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thanks Veronica. I think a lot of people want to have financial freedom. I think passions are made to be pursued. I’m nervous that if I don’t pursue it, it may not happen.

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thank you Joi. I’m so glad that you are inspired because I also draw from and am inspired by your blog also. Thanks for this challenge. I generally blog twice a week because I don’t have time…I’m learning better time management from this challenge :)

  1. Nellie

    Just you watch, ALL of these things are going to come to pass!! I am already claiming it for you in His name!! Your vision board is amazing and I can’t wait to see you check all of them off.

  2. Michell

    Wow Hope!! For someone who has never done a vision board, you’ve done a fantastic job my friend! LOVE your vision and the fact that you put scripture with it…guaranteeing it to come to pass!! Because my husband is a pastor, we’ve lived off of our vision. We wrote one for each of our children when they were younger and for our family. It’s absolutely amazing to see what you’ve accomplished by the grace of God, when you look back over your vision. The enemy will deceive us by making us think we haven’t accomplished a thing, when in fact we have. That’s why God told us to “write” the vision and make it plain! I looked at the one I wrote for our daughter and one of the statements was that she would marry a god-fearing man who would love God with all his heart(that way we’d know he’d love our daughter), lol! Anyway, He brought it to pass and I know it was our confession of our vision that did it. Thanks so much Hope for inspiring me to get my vision back out! Have a wonderful week my friend! :-)
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    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thank. You. Michell. You don’t even know how much you just ministered to me right now. By the grace of God and despite the deceiver..Amen! I’m gonna share this with my husband and we’re gonna write that for our daughter too…for real :) btw, when is your next bible study? I wanna come :). God bless you, my friend!

  3. Kita

    Love your vision board keep your vision alive I can’t wait until your dreams come true your dreams will inspire others to do the same.
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  4. Joy

    Hope, I love this blog. You know it’s funny that you chose to speak about having a vision board. My hubby and I have been praying with our two oldest for years in hopes that they would learn to listen to God and on their own create their vision board. Well, last summer they did just that. I was surprised at how many things in life their young minds wanted to accomplish and what they wanted out of life for themselves. They were excited to talk to God about their future. We have supplemented some of their vision by helping them accomplish some things. Now, they have updated some things and changed a few others, but I would like them to keep a relationship with God with all their goals.

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