Why you no Zumba?

So I decided to really diversify my workout routine for this year instead of mainly running. For the last few weeks I’ve added BodyPump twice a week with a few strength training sessions in between. (BodyPump review forthcoming.) Another exercise that I wanted to add was Zumba. Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama is the Zumba Queen in my book. I’ve watched a snippet of her in action (scroll to the end :) ) and was blown away. So I decided to give it a try… again… 

y u no zumba

I say again because my first ever encounter with Zumba occurred a year and a half ago at our local YMCA. I looked at the schedule and saw “Zumba Gold”. I was immediately intrigued. I was thinking this class is going to be the “creme de la creme”…because it’s wasn’t JUST Zumba, it was Zumba Gold…. like Solid Gold…not bronze…not silver…But GOLD!

The first thing I noticed when I entered the class a few minutes late was how fit the instructor was “for her age”. I was very impressed. As I made my way to the back of the class and finally situated myself, I was a little surprised that I was able to catch on so quickly. The movements were much slower than I anticipated. About 10 minutes into the class, I noticed the lady next to me as she smiled at me. I remember thinking, ‘what a sweet old lady’. Then I noticed another older lady smiling… then another, and another…..

elderly exercise Zumba

I looked around and I was surrounded by nice little grandma’s. Suddenly I felt extremely awkward and out-of-place… Zumba gold was NOT like Solid Gold at all… it was more like SILVER… as in Silver Sneakers…  It was Zumba for the elderly! I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. I tried to keep my composure as I contemplated my exit strategy. Soon, I just smiled and nodded as I made my way out the door.

Last month was my 2nd time taking Zumba. A patient invited me to attend with her. This time, it was more in tuned with what I saw Nellie do. I was very apprehensive and somewhat intimidated by the moves. It was fast paced energetic and I was lost, confused, a little shy and extremely stiff.

thats Zumba

I was told to just keep moving…which I awkwardly obliged. I really don’t like to “suck” at something so I was determined try to catch on, which was virtually impossible.

It took me a whole month before I decided to go back last week. Although I was still pretty lost and confused the majority of the time, I managed to break a nice sweat. I was surprised that I was sore the next morning for my 15K (9.3miles) race.

It didn’t really feel like work, but it was great work out. The energy was through the roof. Folks for nice and “forgiving”. They were too busy getting their “Zumba” on, many in their cute little Zumba outfits. A part of me feel like I have to keep going just to master the moves.  Right now, I can only squeezing out once/wk, but I’m happy with that. So my workout routine consists of running 3 days/wk, BodyPump twice and Zumba once.

  • Have you done Zumba? Or Zumba GOLD :) ?
  • Do you diversify your workout routine?
  • What’s the one workout you feel you’ve got to tackle?


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32 thoughts on “Why you no Zumba?

  1. Carla

    Your Zumba Gold thing has me smiling from ear to ear! I thought it was a pro type class too until I looked it up. I have done Zumba for quite some time but quite last year after I became an instructor and had a melt down. I’m more of a student here. Not a teacher.

    That sounds like a great training plan!
    Carla recently posted…Loving Lately…Meet My TrainerMy Profile

  2. Tamara

    haha – what an awesome story! It cracked me up, but they were probably more my speed to be honest. I’ve never done Zumba and I don’t even really..know what it is.
    I think taking a class led by Nellie would be the stuff of bucket lists.
    Tamara recently posted…Wherever I May Roam.My Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      LOL. It was slow..even for the non dancers…I’m pretty sure slower than your speed.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to take Nellie’s class at FitBlogggin this year. Definitely a bucket list…

  3. Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    Hope, Let me describe what I just went through reading your post. First: It is dead quiet in my office because no one has come in yet,. Next, I could be heard (if anyone was around) uttering multiple awws when you mentioned me as a Zumba Queen. Thank you. :) THEN when you said you went into a Zumba gold class…I started wondering why you would do that…..until I read that you figured it out. I went into complete hysterics. Thank goodness no one is here because I would have been asked what I was laughing at and clearly it is not work related. OH MY GOSH. Thank you for my morning laugh. Zumba gold is certainly for the seniors. You gotta love it.

    I am so happy you are incorporating Zumba! For me zumba is such a fun workout, I leave all the “serious” stuff for earlier in the week. :) now you HAVE to come to fitbloggin–I am 90% doing another song this year.
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Getting Ready For The Big Game with Duane Reade! #DRBigGameMy Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Man Nellie! I loved the way you walked me through this. I’m totally there with you. So glad you got a good laugh.lol

      I’m definitely planning on attending FitBloggin. I would love to be in your class. Hopefully by then, I’ll be much better :)

  4. Kimberly ( Manifest Yourself)

    I literally busted out laughing when I was reading the part about you discovering it was Zumba Gold! lol I love Zumba, but I don’t get to go nearly as often as I would like.

    + yes…Nellie is the QUEEN. If you are ever in BK, try her Saturday class. She even adds a mini bootcamp at the end and tries to kill us all. :)
    Kimberly ( Manifest Yourself) recently posted…Thursday’s ThoughtsMy Profile

  5. Kim

    I went to Zumba for awhile last summer – I pretty much suck at it cause my hips don’t roll but I had fun and laughed at myself a lot. On some of the hip thrust moves and stuff that I couldn’t master I just added in extra hops!!!
    Kim recently posted…SinkingMy Profile

  6. Joi

    OMG this was too funny! I would have been in the GOLD boat with you bc I knew nothing of the breakdown of Zumba classes. I too thought the GOLD was some kind of super Zumba. I don’t like dancing or I should say, I can’t wurk it like some of the sistas so my competitiveness to be amongst the best won’t allow me to keep taking the class. I have also yet to find a dance class that works me out enough. I know they say it does, but for me it doesn’t. I am glad that you are having a fun time learning. I will suck it up to support Nellie at Fitbloggin. We are going to have so much fun!

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to think that ‘gold’ meant pro or better.lol. It was crazy.
      I wouldn’t have guessed that you don’t consider yourself a dance…unless you;re being modest :)
      Dancing classes usually takes me a while to break a sweat, but it I give it all I have, I’ll sweat. I don’t consider it a workout unless I sweat.
      Fitbloggin should be very interesting…and fun…can’t wait.

  7. Alison

    LOL Hope. I know I would have to stay in the Zumba Gold class. Extra points to you for going back and breaking a sweat. Here’s to diversity in our workouts!

  8. Alex

    haha that’s funny !! I find it so hard finding time for exercise classes with my daughter but maybe I should try zumba at home. I tried getting into yoga but really, I need to do some better exercise to strengthen this heart of mine !

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Zumba gives a pretty good work out for me…once I get comfortable with the moves. I heard there are some really cool Zumba workout vids too. Thanks for stopping by Alex

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      Thank God I went back because that was my image of zumba for over a year.lol. I took a hip hop class too… I actually loved it, but that was 10 years ago when hip hop was less complicated.

  9. Rum Punch Drunk

    I’m still trying to find some zumba DVDs in the local shops but no joy yet. As soon as I’m fit enough this year I want to try it and have a go. I just love all that hard pumping music and a good ole dance, even if my hips don’t or can’t move like before.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted…Till Death Us Do Part?My Profile

    1. Hope@DefiningHope Post author

      lol. Maybe there’s a you tube video that you can try. I heard there are “apps” for Zumba too. I’d love to get more familiar with it by doing it at home, but I’m not sure if I want to spend money on it yet. Good luck at finding a good DVD

  10. KalleyC

    You had me smiling about the Zumba Gold. I too was thinking it was like an elite class hahaha. Sounds like something I would do! I workout to Zumba on my Wii and even though it’s a video game, I am surprised at how much I work out!
    KalleyC recently posted…When No Other Words Will DoMy Profile

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